Discrete protection services

personal and commercial

Asset protection

private and commercial

Estate protection

housing and business

Close protection officers

1-2 personal, low to mid-risk

Close protection teams

2+ personnel + family, mid to high-risk

what we do

  • Residential, business protection
  • Asset, investment protection
  • Executive, corporate, public event protection
  • RST Residential Security Team
  • PES Personal Escort Service
  • SAP Security Advance Party
  • 24hr reactive response RED CARE
  • Canine & handling operatives
  • Professional security driving/protection, safe transfer (airport, occasion) ROSPA, MIRA, Military certified
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection HECPO
  • CCTV, Surveillance, counter surveillance
  • Static, mobile secure data asset transfer protection
  • Threat assessment, personal, executive, corporate strategic planning and consultation
  • Cyber, identity public engagement advice & protection
  • Data & intelligence protection
  • Enforcement, compliance, physical intervention and detention
  • Child & family protection




Every enquiry is handled with respect, integrity and complete discretion.




Surveillance and Observation

Residential security teams RST

Risk and Conflict management

Process serving